We interviewed the CEOs of our portfolio companies about their startup activities and Hamamatsu Photonics' involvement.

Susumu Satoh, Masafumi Jinno

CEO, Director of Research & Development, i-Gene corporation

Aiming to develop a new highly efficient and safe gene transfer system using plasma.

Victor Esch

CEO, Armonica Technologies, Inc.

Developing a novel, long-read DNA sequencer which fully enables epigenetics.

Nicholas Reder

CEO/CO-FOUNDER, Alpenglow Biosciences, Inc. (formerly Lightspeed Microscopy)

Contributing to drug development and clinical diagnosis through 3D digital microscope solutions.

Jared Silvia

CEO/CO-FOUNDER, BlueDot Photonics, Inc.

Improving the power generation efficiency and durability of solar panels through the development of novel perovskites.


Lisa Sakashita

CEO, Nanotis

Making it possible for anyone, anywhere, to quickly test for influenza and other viruses with saliva.

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