With you, with light,
create the future.

We want to work with entrepreneurs who anticipate the needs of our future society and propose novel solutions using photonics.

Akira Hiruma, Representative Director and Chairman
Hamamatsu Photonics

Henry Ford could anticipate the future. What customers needed was not faster carriages, but faster transportation. And he envisioned the car. Just as the car transformed the world, we continue to seek actual needs of our society and look for totally new applications of photonics which will make the world a better place.

Akira Hiruma, Representative Director and Chairman
Hamamatsu Photonics

We look for partners around the world united by photonics,
with new applications in any field.

A vision with unique perspective and anticipated needs - Meet our portfolio companies that are pursuing new applications for photonics. These applications range from medicine and life sciences to energy issues, the semiconductor industry, and everything in between.

We seek to build long-term,
supportive partnerships with our portfolio companies.

When we invest, we take a holistic approach. In addition to providing capital, we make our global technical and business resources available to help start-ups solve challenging problems and accelerate growth.

We are active investors focusing on early stage ventures.

As a strategic investor, we seek to create synergies which might lead to collaborative R&D and joint developments.

We also provide business expertise in areas where we have deep experience.

A global, diverse team is ready to support you.

Our staff in Japan+Asia, North America, and Europe+Israel collaborate with each other. We are a diverse team, including experienced startup CEOs and COOs, academic professors, industry professionals, and research PhDs, able to provide broad support from various perspectives.


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