We invest in startups that will expand the photonics industry through the development of new applications, then we continue to support our portfolio companies and help them accelerate into the future.

Alpenglow Biosciences

Contributing to drug development and clinical diagnosis through 3D digital microscope solutions. – Seattle, WA USA

Armonica Technologies

Developing a novel, long-read DNA sequencer which fully enables epigenetics. – Albuquerque, NM USA


Developing a platform to quickly and accurately measure and monitor drug concentrations in blood - Leuven, Belgium

Comptek Solutions

Contributing to the improvement of semiconductor performance by developing technology to control the surface of compound semiconductors. – Turku, Finland


Co-designed electronic-photonic semiconductor design IP to enable next-generation very-large-scale integrated photonics products - San Jose, CA USA


A leading Quebec-based company specializing in manufacturing of mid-infrared fiber lasers. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of laser technology with the goal of revolutionizing semiconductor and high-tech industries through disruptive laser solutions.

Goryo Chemical

Reducing the risk of leftover cancer in surgery by offering drugs to visualize cancer.

- Hokkaido, Japan


Developing plug and play single photon sources for quantum applications – Madrid, Spain

i-Gene corporation

Aiming to develop a new highly efficient and safe gene transfer system using plasma. - Ehime pref., Japan


Aiming at the early detection of peripheral artery disease by quantitatively measuring the condition of surface tissues using a unique optical technology. – Irvine, CA USA


Making it possible for anyone, anywhere, to quickly test for influenza and other viruses with saliva. – Tokyo, Japan

NLM Photonics

Developing high-performance and efficient electro-optic (EO) polymers. – Seattle, WA USA

PINC Technologies

PINC Technologies Inc. is commercializing cutting-edge integrated nonlinear photonic devices and circuits designed to tackle some of the most complex challenges of the photonics industry. 


Providing optical-based sperm quality determination solutions for in vitro fertilization. -Ra'anana , Israel

Qunnect, Inc.

Developing a suite of quantum networking products to enable the distribution of entangled photons beyond the limits of fiber transmission loss. Their innovations include a room temperature quantum memory to support scalable deployment.

Ramona Optics

Advancing human health by equipping scientists with unprecedented speed, precision and insight through computational microscopy. - Durham, NC USA


Contributing to a new way of working for pharmacists by providing drug identification solutions using spectroscopic analysis technology. – Okayama, Japan

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