Invests in Enosemi


Hamamatsu Ventures is excited to announce a strategic investment in Enosemi. Co-designed electronic integrated circuits (EICs) and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are making their way into more applications and markets, but a major problem still exists where too much time and effort is spent re-designing the same core blocks many times over.  Enosemi licenses critical EIC and PIC design IP, integrates these IP blocks into product-ready custom chips, and delivers those chips in volume to accelerate time-to-market. This model of semiconductor design enablement applied to the photonics industry allows customers to focus on innovation and solving new problems with very-large-scale integrated electronic-photonic chips. The team at Enosemi has years of experience developing and shipping real integrated photonics products in volume and we are confident they will be of great service to the broader ecosystem.

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